Feb 24, 2010

Record Snow Fall in Dallas!

Here a few pictures of our most recent snow day in Dallas. Yes, there has been more than one. This was the the record snowfall in Dallas, TX's history. Over a foot registered. Below is a picture of the small tree in our front yard that broke under the weight of the snow and fell on our neighbors car.
Here is our little chair/table on our back patio. Good angle to see how much snow really fell!
Picture through the window looking out over our front yard.

My Golden Birthday - 23

What a great birthday I had this past year! My wife made the best cake I've ever had... It was four layers! The largest cake I have ever had for a birthday. Here are some pictures throughout the day.
I got a french press from my mom and dad and my wife got me a coffee grinder... It's not pictured, but it is so awesome! We opened presents with my parents and sister with husband at Starbucks. My wife gave the workers a slice of cake and when we left, they gave me a free pound of Anniversary Blend to try out my new grinder/french press!
My awesome cake with my awesome wife!
We ate dinner at a sushi place called Killer Piranha Sushi... This was some chicken something or other. I don't remember the name, but it was so good!
My wife and sister at the restaurant.
My wife and I getting ready to eat.
The Birthday Roll at the restaurant.
My mom and dad at the sushi place!

First Christmas - Dallas

The men in our family have a funny sense of humor! We all three got toy helicopters... I knew it would be a hit with my dad and my mom thought it would be a hit with Jeramy and I... She was right!
We spent a little time with Shawn and Aimee later in the evening on Christmas. It was so nice to have family around for this action packed day!
My brother in law Jeramy in his favorite present from my mom... Poor guy is a Lions fan!
Papa and Eden - She picked that present out all by herself for her papa... Both of Erin's girls got my dad coffee and they both picked it out on their own! I think it's evident.. Papa is addicted!
Opening presents at Papa and Grandma's house after a wonderful breakfast. (notice that Grandma isn't in any of the pictures... Since she was probably taking most of the pictures.)
Stephanie opening presents on Christmas Eve... I don't know why it turned sideways, but it's ok... You get the general idea.
We had our first Christmas and we had a "White Christmas" in Dallas Texas! Can you believe it?
Me opening Christmas presents on Christmas Eve...
Here is our fireplace and mantle decorated... Also, notice the little trees from our wedding on either side of the fireplace. They sure have come in handy.
Our First Christmas Tree!