Aug 21, 2009

Dallas Date Day 8/13

We had a great time last week on our Dallas Date Day. We visited some very interesting and different places. Here is a few photos of our travels throughout the day.
This is the First Baptist Church of Dallas. Actually this is a side entrance to the new building. This is the church that Criswell pastored so many years ago. It is huge now. They have two "Traditional" service and one "Contemporary" service. It was very interesting to see the changes over the years to people, buildings and philosophies of this place.
Here is a picture of Dr. Criswell that was pictured on the wall of pastors of the church over the years.
We also visited the Dallas Arboretum. They had all kinds of exotic flowers, waterfalls, trees, shrubs and etc. scattered throughout the property.
This was the long walkway that lead to the fountains. We abstained from this activity, but it was really beautiful.
We saw many pretty flowers and the best part was it was only $1 that week. (outside of parking... $5!) We had a great time together and are starting to love certain parts of Dallas.

Aug 5, 2009

Adult Status...

We had a rather exciting weekend that actually started a day early this past week. I was able to take friday off due to the excessive amount of hours that were put in during VBS ( for the story) so Steph and I decided to visit The Shops at Willowbend Mall (since Dallas has more shopping per capita than any other US city). We looked at Mac's... iMac's to be more specific at the Apple store, perused the Brooks Brothers and a multitude of other things. We then went home and enjoyed dinner. The next morning we spent out in our "Neck of the Woods" with a plethora of gift cards and exchanges. We bought the Whisper Close 3000 - best toilet seat in the world, towels, hung pictures (printed off pictures for the mass of frames with no pics in them) and had a time doing it.

So far this week, I have worked on my Jeep (differential gasket and changing oil), broke my lawn mower and now my Jeep wouldn't start this morning... All part of "being a grown-up... Who ever said that was fun - lied!

God is good and Steph and I were able to see one saved last night, 3 committed to Baptism and a family is going to join on Sunday. What a night out together.