Dec 21, 2009

Gaylord Texan Getaway - Honeymoon #2

We recently won an overnight getaway from FBCoM for a stay/dinner at the Gaylord Texan. It is a truly incredible hotel and so much more! Here are some pictures from our stay which we named "Honeymoon #2".

Steph couldn't go to such a nice hotel without getting a pedicure, so here she is getting those toes fixed up. :)
While we there, ICE! was going on in the convention center. It was really cool. They froze over 2 million pounds of water and built whoville and the grinch and a plethora of other entities.
Here was the view from our balcony. You'll be able to see it better later, in a daytime shot, but it was very beautiful at night with over 1 million lights in the atrium.
Here's another view of the lights in the atrium. The hotel is set up in a circle-ish shape, so half of the rooms look out towards Texas and the other half look in to the atrium view. My good friend Austin, who works at the Gaylord and goes to Church with us upgraded us to an atrium view among a host of other things. Thanks buddy!
We ate dinner at the Southwestern cuisine place. Here is our main course (in low light) which are "Texas sized" scallops with spicy sweet potatoes.
I had to put this scallop in scale with something, so here is the scallop next to my thumb in the take away container. HUGE!
This was the flat bread appitizer that we enjoyed. It had goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes and some other green stuff... Don't ask a guy what these weird green things are called.

Another view of the atrium during the evening when the lights just turned on... Sorry my Johnston & Murphys are in the way...
As we walked around the hotel, we stumbled upon this pool. It was incredible!
Here is how they decorated the atrium and surrounding areas...
Texas Sized ginger bread house!
Facts on "Texas Sized" Ginger bread house
another huge ginger bread house!
Here is a picture of our balcony, where we spent a lot of time with a little Cafe' and enjoyed watching all that was happening below.
Here is one of three pictures that showed what the atrium was like during the day.

I have more pictures of ICE! and the stay, but I will have to upload those later since they're on Stephanie's camera and I don't have that with me now. Look for it in the next few days.

Dec 15, 2009

Christmas Pictures

We decided together this year that we would like to take some Christmas pictures for our Christmas cards. Not everyone will get a card this year (as I'm a youth pastor and broke!), but I wanted everyone to get to see some of the photos that we took. There were a lot more, but for sake of time and etc. I have posted five for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy.