Oct 15, 2009

Date Night Camp Out

We recently decided that a date night was in order. I decided it needed a little twist. This is our story:

I had my mom take Steph out shopping one afternoon while I was at work. I however, had other plans. A soon as she was out of the house, I came home to set up the "campsite" in our front room. I moved all of the furniture out of our living room, and arranged a small pup tent in the corner along with some of my mom's Christmas trees and the topiaries from our wedding for a make shift forrest. I had to through in a couple of rubber spiders for effect. We also had our fireplace in the other corner, so we had everything we needed. One might ask, "Why didn't you just go 'real' camping?" The answer is very simple, my California girl wife doesn't like the "great outdoors" therefore, I brought the great outdoors... indoors! Hope you enjoy the photos...

Here is a photo of our campfire.... we did everything on this fire... we even cooked dinner on it.
I dug out all of my old camping equipment and we used as much of it as we could.
Here is my outdoor wife. We had to change her outfit before taking the picture.... She needed the "camping look" at least. (notice the nice boots?)
Here is a picture of the tent/camping chairs around the fire and the make shift forrest.
The camping backpack with all the things she would need for the night and the tent. It was really nice that the trees had lights already on them.

Here is the worlds worst backpackers food... We got cajun chicken and it was terrible! To say the least.

We decided after the first few bites of this stuff to switch to something a little more "taste-bud" friendly. So, we made:

Hot Dogs! Yep, we still cooked them on over the fire and warmed the buns with a toaster rack.

All in all, it was an amazing night, however, about halfway through the night, that air mattress just wasn't working out... We were so tempted to go back to our own bed, but we made it all night.

In closing some words of wisdom for men who may follow up with this idea... Do not try this the day your wife finishes cleaning the house... It was a disaster! :)