Apr 29, 2009

Our Home...

So, I understand that these pictures are in no particular order, but I hope that you enjoy seeing "our new life" here in Texas. As promised, maybe late, but as promised, here are some pictures of our house.

This is the side of our house. It is technically the backyard because our backyard wraps around the side of our house and that gate on the left leads to the front yard. The windows (starting at the largest window to the left) is our Master Bedroom, then the office has the next two windows and finally the spare bedroom is the last window near the gate.
This is the front of our house. It was taken a while ago as you can tell from the sign in the front, but our grass is now greener and the bushes are overgrowing. :) That's my project for tomorrow evening.
This is one of our bar stools that you will see where they are in a picture later on. We got these at a great price at JC Penny.
This is our dining room table and breakfast nook area. Another steal of a deal from Garden Ridge. You may remember those tree things from the wedding up at the front. They make nice additions to the house. Look for another set in these pictures....
Here is half of our kitchen. We had to pick up some new appliances from Lowe's due to some rather "worn out" items that came with the house. it will look great once I tile the backsplash and redo the countertops (a job for this summer sometime)
Here is our fridge. You can see my finger prints on the freezer as I was trying to get to the food rather quickly one day. I'll make sure to clean that off soon. Don't tell my wife. :) We picked this fridge up at IKEA at 50% off.
Here is our oven and toaster oven... I love that little thing... It can do literally everything!
A dark picture of our front room. We have a beautiful Bay window (I think that's what it's called) We plan on putting a chair and table in this area, but well... we're newlyweds, so when the money comes, the chair comes. No problem though... I find this is the best area to play Wii sports because I can't fall and break anything or hurt anyone. I really "get into it".
A nice picture of our washer/dryer and junk above it. Mrs. E did a great job organizing this. She is so awesome. I love my wife. (tell her about that part)
This is the spare bathroom. We really haven't done much in here yet since it rarely gets used (hurry and come visit us and this lovely room could be yours!) I want to thank Bed Bath and Beyond for their great price on shower curtains and whoever it was that gave us Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards for our wedding. Thank you!
Here is another picture of our breakfast nook. the picture in the background is St. Mark's Square in Venice, Italy. That is where we went on our honeymoon. Before we got married, I found this picture and had to buy it. It was hanging here when we got back and she saw it for the first time when we got back from our honeymoon.
This was another surprise to Steph when she finally got to her new home. I created these stretched canvass pictures on my Mac, printed them and framed them for her. If you can't read it, it is our vows. They were hanging on the wall when we got home too. She was very surprised!
Welcome to our front room. That green chair in the middle of the pic is so amazingly comfortable.
Here is a pic from the couch. We were blessed with this TV and other equipment. Many a nights of Wii have been played on this TV.
Finally, our fireplace. To position it in your head, to the left of this is the bay window and to the right of this is the TV.

Well, now you have been on part 1 tour of our house. Steph wouldn't let me take more pics until the other rooms were cleaned and I had to go to work, so I will put the rest of the rooms on next time. Hope you enjoyed your trip to our house, come visit again soon.

Apr 27, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been rather hectic lately around here. I am preparing to get the teens to Teen Camp at Triple-S camp this year, getting Evangelist Randy Hogue (motovational speaker) into the public schools in the area (having little luck) and trying to keep up the normal duties of youth pastor, IT dude and of course "World's Greatest Husband". I didn't quite understand what Pastor Trieber was always talking about when he said, "You will wear more hats in the ministry than you knew where available", but I am learning quickly. I'm also trying to get my graduation announcements out today as well. I think I'm running a little late, but it's the thought that counts.

We had the opportunity to go to Medieval Times this past week. The best part was, we only paid $4 in a tip to our waiter guy (thats all we had to our name last week) because it was a youth worker appreciation dinner. We had a great time. We then got a lot of things finished on saturday such as taking back the rest of the wedding gifts that we got double of (everything but a toaster to Macy's... They won't take it back unless we
get some more paperwork on it or something) and then we had a nice dinner - China City delivers... They messed our order up really bad...

NO FORTUNE COOKIES!!! and only half the order of egg roles... It was really good, but I don't know if we'll order delivery from them any more. Sunday was a great day in God's house. For more info on FBCoM Teen Church visit fbcomteen.blogspot.com.

am so excited about going to back to GSBC for graduation in a couple weeks. I really miss that place and I know that Steph does too. It will be good to see friends and family again.
Also, we are now on twitter. To follow me, my name is ceskelsen. Hope to see you on there soon. (twitter.com)

Apr 8, 2009

Married life

I think that married life is awesome. It is really nothing like I thought it would be though. I thought it would be like dating, you just go out every night to some nice restaurant, do some activity and then go home, climb in bed kiss goodnight and start all over the next morning. I'm not complaining at all, I'm loving married life, but it is nothing like that.

We still have yet to go on an official date since we've been married. There has been so little time since we've been back to get any time to go out... let alone money. Welcome to the ministry huh? We have finally set aside friday night for our first date night this week. We are going to go "The Cotton Patch". It is cheap, healthy and a really fun atmosphere.

The funniest part about married life to me is how exciting some things are when in real life, it sounds stupid, but so that you understand what I'm talking about I'll tell you a little story. We are trying to get as much as we can on as little as possible, so we have had to cut a few corners one of which being the grocery department. We have been going to the Walmart Supercenter near our house and getting food for a killing. It isn't the best, but it is cheap and it is keeping us alive. We got some coupons in the mail for a Tom Thumb (owned by Safeway) and decided to go there for groceries this past weekend. We were both so excited about going to "a real grocery store" for a change. They had so many options and it was so clean. We couldn't stop ranting and raving about how incredible a real grocery store is.

Well, married life is great and I love the adventures. I recommend to all. Don't forget about the grocery stores... They're great!