Jan 26, 2009

Catching up with 2009

So much has happened so far this year.  I started the new year in Dallas, TX, but did not stay here long.  I left on the January 1, 2009 to New Orleans, LA.  No, I didn't go for Bourbon Street (However there is a wonderful Philly Cheese Steak Shop just off it).  We received three tickets to the Sugar Bowl (Alabama vs Utah) in the Super Dome.  What an incredible time!  Utah really spanked those little Bama boys.  The Utes really showed up... again.

After this wonderful game I returned home to Santa Clara, CA where I took care of some last minute things and moved out of the dorms.  Next I had the great privilege to drive across this great country I call my home.  I drove from Santa Clara, CA to Dallas, TX in two days.  Really it was just over one day since I drove 1,200 miles all in one day. Then followed up with the rest the second morning.  I was able to stay in TX for about 36 hours then continued my drive into Baton Rouge, LA for Nathan Allan's wedding.  That will be the next portion of this blog, but some may still be wondering why I moved to Texas (The great state of Texas that is)... I have recently accepted a job as a youth pastor at the First Baptist Church of Meadowview in Mesquite, TX.  More on this to follow

Back to Nathan's wedding. Here is the greatest wedding story of all.  The morning of the wedding, Nathan, the groom decided he needed a shower before his wedding at 1:00 (It was currently 9:00)  He went in the bathroom at the hotel (some of the other groomsman were there too, myself being one of them).  After only being there for approximately 2:00 minutes we heard a "THUD".  I said, "Kyle, do you think he's ok?"  He joked and said it was 
probably just the shampoo bottle or something, but I decided to just check on Nathan.  I cracked the door and said, "You ok, bro?"  I didn't hear any words, but I did hear some groaning.  I opened the door a little more and saw him drooped over the side of the tub and a pool of blood under him.  I called for his brother (thinking he had a bloody nose) and his brother went in there for a minute.  He then came out and told me to get dressed because I had to take him to the hospital.  He came walking out a minute later with a huge gash in his forehead.  He had slipped 
(yes Nathan, I still make fun of people who slip in the shower) and hit his head on the toilet and he put a 1.5 inch gash in his head.  While I was walking him out to the truck, the guys called me back (thinking they were going to give me his shoes, since he was walking in the parking lot in his socks) and this is what Kyle said, "Hey, here is my HD camera.  Make sure to get some good footage!"  I put him in my truck, flew through red lights, sped on the freeway and finally slammed on the brakes just outside the emergency room.  I told the people to hurry and stitch him up, it was his wedding day and we were still 2 hours from where the wedding was going to happen.  They stitched him up (in the same room as a woman who so
unded as if she was going to die at any moment) and we were out of there, but keep in mind the wedding was in 2.5 hours and we still have yet to take showers.  They guys had already left the hotel to go to the wedding site so we just went straight there.  It was incredible!  No shower on the day of your wedding!  Oh boy!  5 stitches the day of your wedding?  That day was just nuts.  I then left after the wedding for the long drive back from Baton Rouge area to the Dallas area.

After that fiasco, Stephanie flew out to visit me for my birthday (January 23... put it in your phone and send me a gift next year).  While she was here, we went house hunting, put an offer on a house in Forney, TX and we are currently waiting to hear back about that. It is super exciting.

Jan 1, 2009

The New Year with the "NEW" Life

There will be a lot of new things happening in the year 2009.  The more I think about it, this year hold more "NEW's" for me than possibly any other year.  This year I embark on grown-up life.  I am now a college graduate.  I will be starting my first job as Youth Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Meadowview in Mesquite Texas (Trieber Permitting), getting married March 6th, purchasing my first home and spending my first year of holidays with a wife.  There are more "firsts" as well, but I won't bore with the details.  I am very excited with what the new year holds.  I'm hoping to post several pictures from the holidays in the next few days, but I will wait until I have some pictures from the Utah/Alabama game (Yes, I have aquired several tickets and will be traveling to the Sugar Bowl with my dad and Jeramy again this season).  I did however give you a picture of this delectable little Danish Breakfast treat.  These little guys were the best thing on my plate that blessed Christmas morning.