Jul 16, 2009

Our life the past few weeks - Hectic!

My life has been so ridiculously crazy the past few weeks, that I didn't have time to blog, barely had time to breath, but now I am back on the "blogging bandwagon". Here are a few pictures describing what i've gone through...

I have been in so many states of this country just during the summer time. Let's recap, I started in Dallas, TX (where we live), then I went to Alicia Nijoka's Mann's wedding in Baton Rouge, LA. The day after the wedding, we decided to go visit New Orleans, LA (I know, same state, but about an hour away) and then back to Texas. The next week we flew from DFW to San Jose, CA. We had a wonderful time at Shawn and Aimee's wedding. It really was a beautiful wedding and gorgeous reception. We took our flight home, which had a layover in Orange County (John Wayne) airport in So. Cal... delayed. But finally returned home again. Somewhere in there I went to Bob Gray II's Youth Convention in Longview, TX (again, I know, still TX, but this is one large state). We were back for some time before heading off to youth camp in Arkansas (Triple S Ranch). Just before we were leaving for Camp I got news that my grandma, Virgina "Ginny" Elizabeth Bird Eskelsen passed away on July 3rd. So, I had to leave camp and fly from Little Rock, AR to Perry, UT. Delta had a funny way of taking me from Little Rock to Memphis, TN and then on to Salt Lake City. There are some pictures below from the wedding with a little info on who and what it is of. After a full day of flying (cancelled both flights, somehow still made it halfway through the viewing... after getting pulled over in Seary, AR in the church van... no ticket :) I then went from SLC to Atlanta, GA and on to Little Rock (The red eye... both flights delayed) I finally made it back to camp approx 48 hours after departure. It was one crazy week. We only had one flat tire on the way to camp and only two teens puke on the way back... all in all, it was a whirlwind month for us. Here are some pictures from all these stories:
Ok, so technically this isn't from any of my travels, just the Bass Pro Shop in Garland, TX. I wore this shirt last week and had 3 positive comments about it. Apparently Texans still agree!
We went to Winger's in Brigham, UT the night of the funeral for my grandma. My dad and my cousin, Andrew enjoyed "sticky fingers" and Asphalt Pie. I love this restaurant.

A sign at Wingers. It really is the best Chicken in the world.

A picture I took to show my wife the delicious food I was enjoying in Utah after the funeral while she was "suffering for Jesus" eating all that weird camp food. Come to think of it, I don't know if she ever saw it, she never said anything about it. Hope she looks at the blog and gets to see the good food I enjoyed...
Me, Dad, Andrew and Rick at The fancy Maddox restaurant... It has good food in "The Lodge"

Rick and I, me or whatever the proper english wording is there - Don't tell Mrs. Flint I still don't know... I don't think she'll be too happy to know I guessed my way through her English 103 final.
These are the mountains that I miss. They don't look that beautiful in this picture, but they really are incredible. I miss them.

Here we are at suffer, uh, I mean summer camp. It was great. We stopped at Subway on the way back home afterward for a much needed stop and hang out for a few minutes.

Here are the shirts that Mike Weithorn had made up for us. They look really sharp and it was really cool to be the only church wearing a special shirt the last day. I could always tell where my kids (teens, not actual kids yet) were by their bright shirt.
And here was the bus baking in the hot sun while we waited for the tire guy to come fix our flat tire. It was quite a trip and I am really glad that those few weeks of my life are finally over. It was hectic, tiring and great all at the same time. Now it's back to work, back to life and back to normal.