Mar 31, 2009

The Honeymoon

This is the train that we took from Venice to Rome. It was the Eurostar Italia and was high speed. It took us only 5 hours to get to Roma. Not too shabby of a ride, nothing like American trains.
Pistachio Gelato... The best thing about Italy. This specific gelato was found by our hotel in Venice. We found the best gelato in Italy near the Vatican in Rome however.
This was the balcony of the apartment that we stayed at in Rome. It was incredible! If you look at the top of the photo a little to the right you can see a dome... That is the dome of St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican City. We were on the top floor of the apartment building and had the most incredible apartment ever! Massimo Zoli is the best. If you ever go to Roma, make sure to get his name and number for me. It will be an unforgetful experience.
"Notice the yellow tables?" This picture will make a lot more sense once you visit our house. Before I left for wedding/honeymoon/cross country drive, I purchased a huge picture of Venice that is black and white except for the yellow tables and chairs. I hung it in our house for my new bride (and a Colosseo picture as well from Roma) and ensured that we sat in the yellow tables and chairs and annoyed her with saying, "Remember the yellow chairs that we're sitting in now ok?" So, here is quite possible one of the greatest cappachino's I've ever tasted and the view was breathtaking with gondolas, Basilica's, Canals and Doge's Palace all around us. Couldn't have been better...
I don't really remember where this pictures was taken, but I'm thinking it was on an airplane ride. We spent a lot of time on airplanes (direct flight from San Fransisco, CA to Amsterdam, Netherlands with service to Venice and then from Rome the same trip from Amsterdam back to SFO) It was so much fun though.

We are now back from our honeymoon and back at work. Our house is coming together as well (I will be posting some pictures of our house next week. Still waiting for a few furniture items that we'll hopefully pick up this week.

Our honeymoon was awesome. Italy was beautiful and the food was life changing as always. I really miss the cappuccino's. There really is nothing like the cappuccinos in St. Marco's square in Venice, Italy. It was a bit cold in Venice, but Rome was perfect. We also met up with my friend Mike and his wife Bree while there. It was so much fun. I only have pictures from my iPhone, but I'll get the rest from Steph's camera later this week and post more pictures.