May 14, 2009

This just in - More honeymoon pics from Italy

We have had a lot of people say they want to see more of our honeymoon pictures from Italy. Today may just be your lucky day since my good friends Mike and Bree got us some of the pictures they took with their camera. The mail system from Italy to Texas must be slow. :) Hope you enjoy.

Mike and I found a playground not far from the apartment we stayed at in Rome. We had to stop and let our inner-children out.
Here Steph and I are throwing a coin into the Trevi fountain. It is key to throw the coin from your right hand over your left shoulder. According to legend, doing so will will ensure that the spirits of Rome will bring you back again.
Kissing at the Trevi fountain!
This is Palentino Hill. You can see the Roman Forum in the background.
Here is the place where Peter and Paul were imprisoned in Rome. The upside-down cross is a symbol of Peter's crucifixion and off to the left of here is the chord in the wall where Peter would have been chained.
Another shot of Palentino Hill. This is ancient Rome, the Rome that Peter and Paul would have known. It was so weird walking around looking at things that these men would have seen.
Just outside the Colosseo (Colosseum) we were "engaged" by the Roman gladiators. They wanted us to pay them 5 Euro (nearly $8) just to take a picture! With a little bit of prodding and starting to walk away, we only paid 3 Euro. It was a lot of fun. They asked if they could keep Steph and Bree...
The Colosseo... "My Favorite Part of Rome"... There was so much history that happened within this awesome monument. I love listening to the stories, learning the mechanics and figuring out the engineering of this place.
As we sat at the small restaurant just above the Colosseo in the loft with windows looking out over not only this great monument, but all of Palentino hill Mike and I couldn't resist the opportunity to make a "Michealangelo" picture...
Dinner that night with the Ivanovs at a little place we found down a side street.
The Colosseo in the background with the Ark of Victory. I forget the exact name, but it is really beautiful.
Here are the infamous Mike and Bree Ivanov in the Caracalla Baths. I watched a History Channel thing on this part of history and it would have been more than words could describe when it was built. It was more than feet could handle for us old tourists that day however. We loved this area.
Here are the frugal newlyweds saving a few dollars only getting one audio guide and trying to both listen in on the history of the Caracalla Baths.
This is inside the Vaticani (Vatican) more specifically St. Peter's Basilica. This is a list of all the Pope's and the year in which they pass away. I never realized there were so many.
Another shot inside St. Peter's.
Here is one of the dead Pope's... I don't know which one he is, but I guess they mummified him.
Inside a shot of the actual Vatican City. The men in the crazy colors are the Pope's Royal guards.
This is out in the St. Peter's Square with the Basilica to the right of the photo. It is a huge square and very beautiful.
Mike and Bree in St. Peter's Square.
The gang with St. Peter's Basilica behind us. What a great day spent with my Russian friend and his wife.