Mar 17, 2010

First Anniversary

To all of our loyal readers... Probably just my mom, mother in law and anyone else that may read these, I wanted to take a post to show you some pictures from our recent One Year Anniversary. Yep, that's right, she didn't kill me... yet. We made it 1 year!

If you remember, we stayed at the Fairmont in San Jose, CA for the night of our wedding. I wanted to make this anniversary special, but obviously on a tighter budget now (having a wife is really expensive!) :) So, I found that Dallas has a Fairmont. I booked a room and here is a little story of our trip.

So, upon arriving at the Fairmont Dallas, we checked in and got to our room. It was a little smaller than the Jr. Suite we had on our wedding night. I took a moment to tweet that it was not quite as high in the building as I would have liked and it was a little smaller than the room I remembered from San Jose.

Within 10 minutes our room phone rang and the lady on the other end introduced herself as the PR rep for the hotel. She said she saw my tweet and was wondering if we would mind switching to a better room. Of course we agreed and we moved from the 5th floor to the 18th floor. The new bathroom was as big as the old room! She finished by saying, "Happy anniversary, thanks for choosing the Fairmont Dallas." Check out the view!
Later that evening we decided to take a walk downtown to the west end. After dinner we were on our way back to the Fairmont when we saw this! It was so beautiful and very relaxing just wandering through this little area a block away from the Fairmont.
The next morning, the actually morning of our anniversary (3/6) we went out to get back in my Jeep... as you know, I'm always up for saving a buck here or there... This was one of those times when I should have splurged for valet. We parked in a public parking lot with no camera's and a sign posted, "not responsible for lost or damaged vehichles". That should have been my first clue. Here is a picture of my Jeep mirror... Only $80 worth of damage to each mirror! :) what a blessing huh?
After spending some time shopping and doing whatever we wanted (we can do that since it was "our" day) we went back home. It was our paper anniversary, so I got Steph a book and some other paper items, but this was "The Main Event". I had some "paper" set up to paint on, along with some paints, brushes, etc to do a little activity. It didn't quite work on the floor, by the fireplace, so I brought in the deck table and chairs. We spent the night painting and laughing and reminiscing of just one short year ago.
So, I'm not much of an artist, but that was my cup of coffee artwork. Stephanie's came out way better!
Here is my art savvy wife's picture. She did a great job.
I had to take a moment to tell everyone about our great fire that night. We have tried to have a good fire several times, but the wood here in Texas is so dense, that it is hard to get the wood started. We had such a good fire and it really heated up the whole house. We were so glad that we finally got the fire going, we had to share.
All in all, I can't believe that we were in Italy one year ago. We have had so many things happen in our lives in the last 365 days it is really incredible.

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